You are being tracked right now!

Thanks for visiting my blog. You should know, however, that you are being tracked by these companies, and probably others too:

That means that these companies are collecting various pieces of data about you, your browser and your computer. There’s a fair chance that they will also share it with or sell it to other companies. Three of these trackers on one site is a relatively small number; Buzzfeed, for example, has 14, each collecting and sharing data about its visitors!

To minimise the number of companies collecting data about you, I’ve removed the buttons for sharing posts on Twitter, Facebook, etc. – that’s one of the implications of the presence of these buttons on a page.

To understand more about this, and how you can ‘track the trackers’, I’d recommend visiting Me & My Shadow. Be aware, though, that Piwik Analytics will be tracking you if you do!

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