Authentic Australian English + interaction with local community + Lego = ELT gold!

Try something different in class today…

– Put your Ss in pairs – make sure it’s clear to ss who their partner is
– Send one S from each pair out into King George Square – make sure they have a camera
– Get the Ss to take a photo of this:


– In the meantime, keep the other Ss occupied with either a discussion of Australian English/slang or Lego (Did they play with it as a kid? Is it popular in their country? Memories associated with it? Is it just for boys? What skills does it help to develop?)

– When the Ss arrive back in class, get them to show their photo to their partner and discuss/investigate:
What does ‘Fair dinkum’ mean?
What’s The Lego Festival of Play all about?
How can they ‘broadcast their message’ on the Lego sign?
What message would they like to broadcast?

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