Guest Post: #qldelt explained – Michael Griffiths

What is #qldelt?

#qldelt is both an industry Twitter hashtag and a focal point for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of ELICOS teachers, managers and the industry in general in Queensland, Australia.

Who is involved?

#qldelt was orginally conceived by myself (@trylingual) and Kyle Smith (@elkysmith). Over a few cups of coffee in March 2012 we had a number of discussions on how CPD opportunities and experiences for Queensland ELICOS could be offered in a more open and progressive way. After seeing growth over a number of years of ELT content on Twitter from overseas and the number of English Language Teachers utilising this medium, Kyle and I felt it was essential for Queensland ELICOS, and Australian ELICOS in general, to stay abreast of this trend.

Although initially it wasn’t much more than an online extension of our chats, already we have teachers like Paul Forster (@forstersensei) sharing things and a growing number of Queensland ELICOS professionals are joining in with #qldelt every day.

What are the aims?

The #qldelt hashtag allows any Queensland ELICOS professionals to access or share content online with each other and also push it out to a global audience. Ideally this content would spark discussion, debate and collaboration that will enhance the CPD of Queensland ELICOS teachers, managers and the industry.

#qldelt will be a forum for ELICOS professionals to share things like articles, videos, blogs or lesson ideas that are related to our profession. These could be things that you have come across or things that you have produced yourself. By sharing it via the #qldelt hashtag, you should reach a larger but also a more targeted audience.

What’s in it for me?

#qldelt will be a source of PD that you can access anywhere, anytime (Twitter can be accessed from mobile devices). You could spend your 20 minute bus ride or a lazy Sunday afternoon working on your own PD.

#qldelt will allow you to improve your knowledge and engagement with ELT online content and keep up with current developments in your profession. You can network with other Queensland ELICOS professionals or connect with other ELT professionals around the globe.

How do I use it? 

You just need to set up a Twitter account to join in. Russell Stannard (@russell1995) has produced a fantastic screencast to explain how to sign up. Whenever you post something to Twitter that you would like Queensland ELICOS to notice, simply add #qldelt to the post (don’t forget the hash symbol). By doing this you enable anyone to search Twitter on this ‘topic’.

If you are unsure on what to do once you have signed up, simply ‘follow’ Kyle and myself and we will help you navigate your way through Twitter. If you’d like to get a better idea of what sort of content will be shared through #qldelt, just look at @elkysmith’s Twitter feed on the right-hand side of this blog.

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